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Hypnosis and NLP are two amazing therapies to help you eliminate or greatly reduce issues or behaviours that stop you living life to the full

Hypnotherapy and NLP are great at removing or greatly reducing a wide range of issues that have a big impact on your

It has been scientificly proven that in both modalities, the subconcious can be accessed in a non obtrusive, relaxed  way, to make all the necessary changes for the better.

No need to dig up the past or go into detail as the subconcious mind holds all the information and will work on solutions while you sit back and follow my voice.

You are always in control and changes are only possible when you want them to happen

While hypnosis requires a deep relaxation, NLP sessions are done just with closed eyes. Often both modalities work together to totally resolve or greatly reduce an issue or alter long standing behaviours or thought patterns so you can move on and live your best life.

Examples of what Hypnosis and/or NLP can remove or greatly reduce are:


  • phobias or fears like flying, insects, dentist,  heights.....

  • smoking, overeating

  • confidence issues like public speaking, blushing,  stage fright

  • self-confidence or lack of self-worth

  • exam or driving test fear

  • procrastination or lack of focus, drive

  • insomnia

  • anxiety

  • stress

  • allergy reduction

  • chronic pain management

  • grief........

This list is by no means complete. Please contact me to discuss any other issues, not mentioned above, which you would like to address.

Some conditions that require medication or that have an underlying medical reason, will need you to discuss the use of Hypnosis or NLP wiht  your GP or specialist and ask for approval. Hypnotherapy is not a replacement for proper medical care.


 I work with your subconscious to help it create new neural pathways in order to change the behaviour or issue that is keeping you from living life as you want. This can't be done without your permission so your commitment to the process is very much a requirement to make the session successful.

It can take as little as one session for you to find your issue gone or reduced to such extent, that you ar able to  start   enjoying your life again. It sometimes can take more than one session but as I work by 'cure' not the amount of sessions, you can book another session if you find that you haven't seen  a marked improvement after a week. Every session is done in such way that the new neural pathway gets reinforced every night while you sleep, so you will find the new way of being gets stronger as time goes by.

Go to the testimonials section to find out what my clients have experienced.

Both NLP and Hypnosis session are conducted via a videocall so you can relax in a quiet place, in the comfort of your own surroundings, and fully focus on your special time. You will need a reliable internet connection and a device with a camera

Make sure you can sit back somewhere where your can totally relax, with your head, neck and arms supported and with your device in such position that I can see you clearly.

Headphones are recommended. Further instructions will be send once an appointment has been made..

Often Hypnotherapy or NLP is looked at when everything else has failed. It could have made your healing journey so much quicker if it had been considered  earlier. If no medical reason is the source of  your issue, and your medical professional has not advised against using hypnotherapy or NLP, this could well be the conclusion of that journey.

Hypnotherapy and NLP session are relaxing, unintrusive and a wonderful way of self care.

If you would like to know more or discuss how I can help you with your issue, you can book a discovery call via email or phone call.

A doctor or medical provider should always be the one to diagnose and treat a medical issue, but if no physical reason for your issue has been found, and your medical care provider has no reason to advise against it, hypnotherapy or NLP are  often a good alternative or complementary route.

I asked Astrid for help as I had developed severe driving anxiety for no apparent reason. I had gone from a confident driver to a quivering wreck. I was unable to concentrate on my driving as I was imagining all sorts was going to go wrong. I actually stopped driving for a short while as I was so terrified that something was going to happen. I asked Astrid for some NLP. I was sceptical but guessed it certainly wouldn't make me any worse. It took one 30 minute session......
I'm so thrilled to say I'm now back behind the wheel and as confident as I've ever been. In fact in a weeks time I'm moving house 350 miles away and even though I'll be learning new roads I've no worries whatsoever. Thank you Astrid for your help, you've worked wonders!
Lisa UK


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