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Things you might want to know about theTarot or Readings in general


  • Is Tarot evil/scary/witchcraft?

Definitely not! It’s not connected to anything dark, no matter what the movies would like you to believe. Instead, a Tarot reading is being surrounded by a divine energy: always helpful, empathic and benevolent. Sometimes even funny!

I have worked with energy & healing for most of my life and would not entertain anything that is not of the highest good for my clients or myself.


  • What will happen during a reading?

If you’ve booked an online reading, I will tune into you and your question 10 minutes before we ‘meet’ and see what the cards want to bring forward. After a short chat I will tell you what I found out and we will discuss what this could mean for you. A Tarot reading is a chat between  you and the cards with me as the interpreter. Have a cuppa ready and maybe some hankies.

In person readings will take place at your house and will follow a similar routine but I will pull the cards with you present.

Note: I will not read in a male only household so please do not feel offended if I refuse. Even for women, I prefer to read  in a public place or online if you don’t book via one of my previous clients or personal contacts. I trust you understand.


  • Will I hear about death or disease?

No. The cards are straight talking in their advice and don’t tiptoe around a subject and if there is a clear path ahead, the cards will definitely show it to you but they will never tell you if you or a family member are going to die or get very ill. They might pinpoint a time where you should prepare to take care of your health or if you’re heading for an emotionally difficult time but that is as far as it goes. If I feel it is necessary for your well being, I will advise you to go see your GP


  • Can I ask for the lottery numbers?

If that was the case, I would be living it up in the Bahamas!

Tarot will give you guidance and point you to the opportunities available in order to live your best life, it is NOT fortune telling.


  • Can I bring my friend/partner/mum along?

Unless during an in-person reading you feel you might need emotional support, I do advise against having someone else in the room with you . The cards could bring up something you would prefer to keep private and the energies sometimes get a bit muddled if two people are present, resulting in a less than clear reading. Of course it’s entirely up to you as long as you are willing to share your private information but I advise you to ask your companion to wait in the next room or nearby.


  • Are the messages given set in stone?

However accurate the Tarot messages are, they are a reading of the possibilities available to you at this moment in time. It’s up to you to take or leave what is being presented as you always have FREE WILL. Nobody can force you to do anything that you don’t want and therefore you can change any potential outcome by taking a different direction. Tarot messages are a guide. Use it like that.


  • If I don’t like what I hear, can I have my money back?

Sometimes we get faced with parts of ourselves we don’t want to acknowledge or we don’t get the answer we’d hoped for but that’s not what a Tarot reading is all about. They are about clarity, advice and opportunities and often about getting to know yourself.

The cards will always tell you the truth and I will give you my time, experience and full attention, so refunds after a reading are not on the cards, excuse the pun!

  • What if the time I booked turns out to be too short to answer all my questions?

That’s no problem. We can book a follow up and focus on the balance. If before you book you are not sure which reading to choose, contact me for a discovery call where we can determine what will suit you best.

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