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Talk to your animals past & present through Animal Communication & Tarot


As an experienced  Animal Communicator of 15 years,  I have helped many owners get in touch with their beloved companions, past and present, and answered their questions or relayed messages.

How often do you wish you had a second chance talking to your best friend who's passed on, and ask him or her how they are doing?  Wouldn't it be wonderful to find out what your cat has to say to you or what your dog would love you to know most of all?

In these very special sessions, I will do a reading for you followed by a reading for your pet. The cards will bring forward what is important to know right now, or tell you what your chosen animal has to say. You can also have a reading just for your pet.

Don't miss out on the unique opportunity to connect and book now!

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Dog & Cat Pals
Dog & Cat Pals

My mission

Nothing is more heartwarming than to see people smile when they hear what their fur or feather baby has to say, sometimes from Rainbow Bridge.

I would be my greatest pleasure to do the same for you!

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