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Could you benefit from.....

Personal Coaching Sessions?

Feeling lost, alone, without direction? Dealing with overwhelming life issues?

You might not immediately think of Tarot as a solution, but using the messages brought to you by the cards, is a fantastic way to help you shape your future and make significant changes. A relaxed way towards living your best life!


A package of 4 sessions, with time in between appointments, will give you the oppertunity to digest and implement the information given to you.

The sessions will look at different facets of your life, include a guided meditation to connect with your highter self, and different card spreads to get insight on blockages or unwanted patterns in your life. Sometimes this might lead to glimpses into past lifetimes or ancestral lineage, if this is needed for you to understand an issue and make the necessary adjustments

The opportunity to incorporate Hypnosis or NLP to complete the process, makes this a potential life saving exercise.

Please contact me if you feel you will benefit from a taylor-made coaching package.

My mission

My aim is always to make you feel comforable and relaxed and very much in control of your destination.

These session are therefore done online so you can feel at ease in your own surroundings

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