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Let the Tarot guide you!
Intuitive Readings to find answers
to life's questions,

Whether you are new to  Tarot or 'an old hand', my focus is always on providing an experience you won't easily forget and one which will  give you the insights and knowledge to go and live your best life.

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Tarot Reading

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About me

Helping others has been a tread running through my whole life; bringing home injured birds or lost dogs as a child and practicing energy healing, kinesiology, animal communication, Hypnosis and NLP as I got older.

I was always drawn to the Tarot and it wasn't until my children had grown up that I started to understand the healing power Tarot has in helping people. I needed this to be more than a passing interest - I needed to share this magic with others.

With a life time of personal experience to draw on and having studied with one of the greatest Tarot readers and psychic, Richard Knight, I would be honoured to help you find answers to your questions. Let me share my passion for the Tarot with you!



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Astrid has read for me several times and I can only say: wow.
Her kind and gentle way of describing the story the cards tell is so spot on and none short of superb. Using the guidance given to me, I have made a decision which has made a very positive impact on my life. Clearly very intuitive and knowledgeable on Tarot, I would recommend Astrid over and over

Valerie Peters UK

“Astrid has a calm, caring approach when giving a tarot reading and brings forward intuitive insights that are amazingly bang on.  You know that she’s really listened to what you are asking because she ensures all aspects of the question have been answered. For one particular reading, I had a clouded view because the question was about my son and his struggle to make a decision. There was no “answer” given, but a very good peek at how each option may impact him - bringing ideas that I hadn’t even considered into play. I would highly recommend asking Astrid to share her gift of tarot reading with you. You will be amazed at how empowering and insightful her readings are.

Lyn Campbell
Toronto, Canada

"Astrid is an exceptionally deeply intuitive person besides being a true  empath, who is attentive to all details in her readings. She needed to postpone her detailed report I'd requested her to  kindly provide me with on some additional questions of mine as she wanted to make sure that no personal feelings of hers were to interfere my reading once she'd realised that some issues I faced she also has dealt with in the past. This spoke more than words about her true empath personality. Her readings are reflective of my current life's challenges and I'm keen to learn more about her insight into my dynamically changing life situation. I highly recommend her."


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Astrid has an amazing connection with the Tarot Cards. Her intuition kicks in in remarkable ways as she links insight and Tarot together in bringing guidance to heartfelt situations. She is definitely spiritually in-tune with her readings. I am grateful to have Astrid assist me on my journey with her uplifting presence and caring.

Reverend Kary US

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